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Been in here a few times during the holidays and will never return. Service was horrible, rude and unprofessional.

Wait staff can't handle being "In the Weeds" when it gets busy. Thirty minutes to get my order taken. Can't refill drinks promptly.

All they care about is turning their tables over and act they are entitled to to a 25% tip. Manager is some surf punk who has deplorable people skills like the rest of the staff can only apologized and never offered any compensation.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of d street bar and grill staff. D Street Bar And Grill needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Bet the staff threw a party, celebrating this knucklehead's threat to never return


I had a waitress who had her chest tattooed, but, not filled in. Really white trash looking chic.

To go along with her hideous looks, she was a poor excuse for a waitress. Underwhelmed by the undesirable service.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1136233

She may have been a bad waitress but common sense tells you her tats had no impact on her level of service service. The last time I was in the ER, the doctor who saved me had tats up and down his arms.

So what! That hardly impacted his ability to do his job!

Stop being a judgmental pr*ck! I bet as soon as you open your mouth, people automatically think 'trailer park trash'.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1129570

They have overall a good rating on yelp, so your complaint would never stop me from going. As far as being in the weeds, why not grab an application and get hired so you can show them how to handle it!

And yes, servers do want to turn their tables, they work on tips and depend on flipping tables to earn those tips. And yes, 25% tip is nice , I'm sure.

Personally, I always tip 30% but then again I am not morally bankrupt and a cheapazz! Toodles!

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1130332

30%? No bartender or waitress deserved anything above 15%.

Why? Because, they are nice to you? It is there job to be nice and To Insure Prompted Service Plus they get 10 bucks an hour.

They have a problem with that, get a salary job in an office somewhere or drive for uber.

to Anonymous #1136235

Who will wait on your sorry, lazy butt then, if all servers left their jobs? And they don't get $10 an hour, ya id*ot!

BTW Einstein: the proper word would be ensure (not insure) so your tips analogy has FAILED miserably, kinda like your attitude. I have a tip for you: if you bring this attitude of yours into the restaurants, I bet you often have 'extra ingredients' in your food! Let that sink in for awhile!

Rule 101 in dining out: don't *** with the people who prepare and serve your food.

to Anonymous #1138416

Hey Sh*t for brains Many tips jars I have seen in bars say, TIPS To Insure Prompt Service. Like a play on words.

Rule 101 for dinning out. Treat customers right because, the customer is always right. *** off a customer and they warn others customers of their bad service with word of mouth and the internet. The fact you posted have extra ingredients shows what kind of unprofessional establishment you have and the improper treatment you would give someone food poison and make someone sick.

You just did a disservice to the business and your already feebale character and look forward hearing the karma kickback someone suing you.

to Anonymous #1163145

LMAO! Hey id*ot!

I don't have a restaurant. I don't work in the restaurant industry! I work in the legal field, so I very much enjoyed your "legal" comments.

Hilarious! BTW: learn to spell!

to Anonymous #1151245

Yelp is a joke. Most of those positive reviews are employees, their friends or families who embellish and lie to give this place a great rating.

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